Heaving Bosoms is a weekly podcast where farflung best friends - Erin in Alaska and Melody in New Jersey - gush, giggle, snark, and snort their way through a different romance novel each week! The podcast is constantly taking recommendations from all corners of the genre, which means that each week is a deep breakdown of your favorite, and occasionally not so favorite, romance novels. The show started as and excuse for Erin and Mel to call each other more, and has turned into this beautiful community of Romancelandia badasses who are passionate about reading, friendship, open-hearted feminism, and self-love! We are proud to be completely self-produced and homemade from scratch, just like the best cookies. You can find Heaving Bosoms on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts! Just don't listen around the kids because, like your favorite books, Erin and Mel can get a little explicit!