WHO ARE ERIN AND MELODY?  We're just regular best lady friends. We met in 2011 while we were both coaches for the same collegiate forensics team.

WHY DID YOU START THE PODCAST?  We wanted an excuse to chat at least once a week because we live so far apart now! Also, the older and further apart we get, the more different our lives seem, and the less things we have in common. But as long as we are reading the same books, we'll always have something to talk about! 

IS MELODY'S PARTNER MICHAEL FROM THE GEEK 101 PODCASTYes, he is. We are surprised that some of you listened to both by happenstance. Weird! Yes, Michael and Melody own Manifest Comics and Cards in Bayonne, New Jersey and they are both podcasters.

I CAN'T TELL YOU APART! WHO IS ERIN AND WHO IS MELODY? Wow, you are super sexist. Just kidding! This is a common problem. Basically, Melody sounds like a beam of sunshine and Erin sounds like an eyeroll. 

HOW DO YOU CHOOSE THE BOOKS? Almost all the books we do are listener recommendations. We have made exceptions when we want to do certain books to coincide with holidays, book releases, or movie premiers. Additionally, because sometimes our recommendations are not as diverse as we would like, occasionally we'll add a book here or there to spice things up and keep it interesting.  If you would like to recommend a book, please email us! Also, we have a bribe. If you give us a 5-star iTunes review, we promise we will do your book recommendation!

I TOOK THE BRIBE AND YOU NEVER DID MY BOOK! We promise that we are getting to your book. Our bribe list is about thirty books long. That's at least thirty weeks! We never expected so many people to listen to the podcast, and we were pretty surprised that anyone reviewed us at all, so please forgive us for not anticipating this issue!

WILL YOU DISCUSS THE BOOK I WROTE? No, it's just too awkward, sorry. What if we don't like it? Also, a lot of our listeners are also self-published authors, so we don't want to end up in a situation where we've given some of you free advertising and not others. We love you and good luck on your book, though!

IF I JOIN THE HEAVING BOSOMS GERIATRIC FRIENDSHIP CULT, DO I REALLY HAVE TO GIVE YOU ALL OF MY POSSESSIONS? Oh bless your heart. Of course not! We've made very clear that we are not accepting nunchucks or vibrators. Also, if you swear allegiance to Chris Pine as The One True Chris, you can keep your eyeglasses. The Heaving Bosoms Geriatric Friendship Cult is our Facebook group. It was created before certain other podcasts started calling their groups "cults," just saying. It is the best and warmest and loveliest place on the Internet. It's free except for your possessions. 

YOUR PODCAST NEEDS MORE DIVERSITY! When we committed to the iTunes review/recommendation bribe, we realized pretty quickly that most of the recommendations from listeners featured only white, vanilla, heteronormative characters, and most were written by white, straight, female authors. We got an email about our lack of diversity early on, and since then, we have made a concerted effort to put books by diverse authors and with diverse characters in our lineup, even if our iTunes reviewers have to wait a little longer to hear their books. We want to read and talk about every kind of book in the rainbow of Romancelandia - all races, cultures, sexual orientations, neurodiversities, abilities, kinks, book genres, etc. Send us your recommendations! If you have something to add to this conversation, we’d love to hear from you. Please email us at heavingbosomspodcast@gmail.com

YOU SAID SOMETHING THAT OFFENDED ME! We genuinely want to know if we have said something that was hurtful or insensitive and we want to remedy the issue immediately. Please email us directly at heavingbosomspodcast@gmail.com and tell us exactly what Erin said to offend you.

YOU HATED THE BOOK I LOVE!  We may not have loved your book, but we will defend to the death your right to love that book without judgment or side-eye from the likes of us! This is one reason why we discuss books, and refrain from rating or reviewing them on the podcast. This podcast is just girlfriends chatting about books. We aren't critics. We love that you love the book you love. We hope that you can love that we hate the book you love. Romancelandia unite!

YOU MADE A MISTAKE ON YOUR PODCAST! You bet we did. All the time. We love making mistakes. It's our favorite. We hope to make more in the future. You're welcome.

LET'S GO FIND TONKU! Please don't bother Tonku. The poor man is just living his sexy life and has no idea who Erin is. He didn't ask to be our podcast joke, so let's everyone be cool about this.

I WANT MORE PICTURES OF EMBER! Okay, just follow Melody's personal Instagram @splendidlym.

WHAT KIND OF DOG IS ROOSTER? Rooster is a neo-conservative medium dog. She is also a dog medium. She has three teeth. In 2017, Rooster invented a cryptocurrency for old female dogs called Bitchcoin. It is highly overvalued at one million U.S. dollars per Bitchcoin. She hates the outdoors, but once ate a moth. Rooster came from the streets and will fight anyone, especially a dog named Chicken who lives over by Max's Beefy Burgers. In 2016, she had record deal with DJ Khaled, but it fell through due to her vocal support of President Trump in her music. Her breed is unknown.

WHAT KIND OF DOG IS GOAT? GOAT es una mezcla de Cairn Terrier y Blue Heeler. Es 8.6 porciento “wolfy.” Ella es una hispanohablante y está aprendiendo inglés poco a poco, pero ella es una perra, así que es difícil. Te insta a no invertir en “bitchcoin.”


WHY DO YOU SAY ‘BING BOONG BONG’? When we first started the podcast, we got some advice to include segments denoted by music and/or sound effects to break up the show. Obviously, we were not professional enough to take this advice, and just continued to ramble on and on with no direction whatsoever. In an early episode, Erin made the self-deprecating remark, “Okay, here’s a segment, BING BOONG BONG, there’s the sound effect for this segment,” and it became a thing.

WHY DO YOU SAY ‘IT’S ON, TM’? During the great Cockygate scandal of 2018, Erin and Melody poked fun at the ridiculousness of trademarking common romance words by saying ‘TM’ after everything and claiming to have trademarked it. One stuck.

WHAT IS THE DARKWING DUCK JOKE? In the episode about Love Hacked by Penny Reid, Erin and Mel compared the hero, Alex Greene, to Darkwing Duck because he was so dangerous and mysterious. Then, when the hero in The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare was mysterious and had a cape, we called him Darkwing Duke. We’ve since found that Darkwing Duck is a very versatile reference. It can even be used to describe mysterious boobs in Highlander Times (Darkwing Duckies).

WILL YOU BE ON MY PODCAST/MAKE A PROMO SWAP/DO A CROSSOVER EPISODE? Probably. Email us at heavingbosomspodcast@gmail.com.

CAN I ADVERTISE MY BOOK OR PRODUCT ON YOUR PODCAST? Of course you can. Email us at heavingbosomspodcast@gmail.com.

CAN I BE ON THE PODCAST? It's not really what we do, but go ahead and send us an email at heavingbosomspodcast@gmail.com. If it fits with our thing, we might.