"I’m thrilled that they’re discussing romance novels because they do it in such an open-hearted, open-minded, all-inclusive way. Both Melody and Erin are firmly of the philosophy of “you do you.” There is zero judgment in any of the things that turn the characters on in these books, and what might turn the readers on. It’s a very liberated, feminist approach to sexuality that comes across as honest and refreshing, and not at all tawdry or illicit. Melody, a former sex educator, in particular brings a healthy, consensual approach to sex that is just plain empowering." Motherly: "What We're Listening To: 'Heaving Bosoms Podcast'" by Alison Wilkinson 

"You know how there’s a special bond and connection that happens in close female friendships? The kind of bond that makes you start picking up specific phrases from one another? That’s the type of feminine coding that happens on Heaving Bosoms.  The closeness of the hosts creates a fun, warm environment that magically brings listeners into the fold, too!" Frolic Media: "How Romance Podcasts Are Carving Out Feminine-Coded Spaces On The Internet" by Erin Phelps

“While many people would not usually equate romance novel with feminism, Melody points out that these books are essentially women’s adventure books and unapologetically focus on women’s pleasure.” Interview with Melody Carlisle - The Things She Does Podcast by Nickie Snyder